Power and Utility Construction Services

Project Management

A key component of our team is an elite group of master builders who have built some of the most challenging structures that humans can create. From hospitals to data centers, to casinos, to substations, and power plants, our team has seen and solved every construction challenge possible.

Our team of field staff, foremen, project managers, engineers, and superintendents are the owner's eyes and ears during a project life cycle. This level of expertise, coupled with the technology tools developed by vScenario, can add value to any construction project. In addition to a capable workforce, we employ hardware and software tools to manage

projects more effectively. This includes periodic flyovers by a drone with evolving progress photography that can be reconciled to a schedule and shared with project stakeholders. This also contains robust document management and change management using state-of-the-art software platforms to track and provide visibility.

Construction Engineering

Our team of schedulers, estimators, engineers, and project managers have decades of experience building some of the most complicated structures and projects around. From casinos to hospitals, to data centers, to data centers, our experienced team has seen and solved every possible problem that can arise during a construction project. A critical and often overlooked skill set in construction is the ability to adapt and solve problems to get a project back on track. Very rarely is a schedule and estimate put together that is correctly followed during construction execution. When inevitable delays occur, our team has the experience and technological tools available to assess the underlying issue and solve it to get the project back on track and prevent further delays and overages.

Systems Optimization

Traditionally, complicated projects have been delivered to utilities without the proper commissioning due diligence to ensure the project's long-term performance. This is a manifestation of a siloed and segregated construction process that does not ultimately ensure that all system components are correctly integrated and appropriately communicated. Our team of commissioning experts understands the complexity of utility systems and the need to develop a comprehensive commissioning plan for any construction project. This includes pre functional testing and long term maintenance and testing to ensure that the design intent and owner's requirements are satisfied. Proper commissioning and systems optimization ensures that long term maintenance costs and efforts are minimized while ensuring that project requirements have been appropriately fulfilled.