Power and Utility Security Services

vScenario is an engineering, design management, and construction management firm that leverages 3D modeling and visualization tools to help utilities solve their security, design, and construction challenges.

With decades of experience in the special operations community, our security services team has a robust understanding of current threats, mitigation strategies, available technology, and breaching tactics & timetables. Retired Green Beret Ike Atlas leads the team. Mr. Atlas served for 22 years as a liaison between USSOCOM and critical infrastructure regulatory agencies. His experience is unparalleled and irreplaceable.

When this level of physical security knowledge is coupled with 3D visualization technologies, threats, and vulnerabilities are not just loosely identified but analyzed and precisely defined to inform security strategy further and design.

The final output is a 3D vulnerability assessment report with simulated video content to help all stakeholders understand the vulnerabilities & potential mitigation strategies. The report is beneficial in communicating vulnerabilities to executives outside of the security arm of a utility.

Security Design

A successful security strategy is not merely designing adequate camera coverage or procuring state-of-the-art intrusion detection hardware. Real security requires an overarching approach at the nexus of the owner's design requirements, the design basis threat (a profile of the type, composition, and capabilities of an adversary), and budgetary constraints. The vScenario Security Services team has the expertise, tactical understanding, and technology tools to develop security strategies that maximize security while minimizing cost. 3D modeling is used to virtually design security systems and build a security strategy.

For example, when designing security or operational camera placement, our team leverages our 3D tools to virtually assess all camera views by developing cameras in the context of a site's existing conditions model. We can adjust the views virtually and in real-time in design review meetings.  Ultimately providing installation contractors with all pertinent installation parameters

like hardware make and model, installation altitude, down tilt angle, azimuth angle, mounting hardware required, etc. The model can also be used to check line-of-sight concerns for a potential active shooter scenario.

CIP 014 Consulting

The vScenario Security Services team has a comprehensive working knowledge of all CIP 014 provisions and has participated in hundreds of security hardening projects to help utilities comply with CIP 014 mandates. We have provided consulting in site tiering, security strategy, compliance, program planning, and on-going reviews.

Requirement 2 (R2) dictates the need for a third-party review by a credentialed physical security professional of risk assessments performed periodically by a utility. Our team can conduct these reviews and recommend any appropriate additions or removals.

Requirement 6 (R6) requires a periodic third party review of a utility's identified potential threats and vulnerabilities (R4) and a review of the current physical security plan and its implementation. Our team has extensive experience performing these reviews and partnering with utilities to most effectively protect their assets from physical attacks.