Preconstruction Design Management



  • Site Analysis – Having UAV (drone) technology, we have the unique ability to survey sites in a short amount of time for a relatively low cost. We can help create a 3D model that represents the exact geometry of a site and analyze various building scenarios.
  • Rapid Concept Modeling – Create rapid conceptual models of a project often used to validate proformas and to attract financial partners. This service has been successfully used to attract financing from partners in different geographical locations (i.e., EB-5).
  • Support with Community and Regulatory Approvals – Create detailed models of the project that can represent solutions to specific issues. Our services are instrumental in the project approval process, community buy-in, and marketing.
  • Anticipate and Mitigate Risk Early – Since we have real estate and construction professionals on staff, we can support your team by identifying potential construction risks early.
  • Project Proforma Support – Having professional cost estimators on staff and input from our trade partners, we can help support your go/no go decisions.
  •  Consultant Outreach Support – Our team has extensive experience in the local design and construction industry and can help identify the most appropriate team members for your project.



  • Cost Management – Our professional estimating team utilizes 3D models with pricing information imbedded within to develop accurate cost models. The models allow our team to perform cost analysis in real-time, enabling owners to make quick decisions of various design elements.
  •  Schedule Management – We utilize a combination of pull planning and the project model to develop the most appropriate construction sequences and overall schedule. This produces accurate workflow models enabling better pricing from trade contractors.
  •  Constructability Review – Since we have experienced Superintendents and BIM engineers on staff, we can provide constructability review and clash detection services in house. We utilize the model for interdisciplinary coordination and clash detection and assure that documents are complete to ensure better pricing. Finally, we provide recommendations on the most appropriate equipment and systems based on real life cycle cost analysis.
  • Logistics Planning – Utilizing actual site conditions, we can offer an accurate representation of the project site, and communicate vital workflow and safety information. We also use these graphical representations to communicate phasing and other critical project information.

vScenario leverages their preconstruction expertise to work with design professionals and manufacturers to ensure that the correct details are developed during the design process. The team maximizes virtual design and construction technologies to help make the right decisions during design and appropriately set the stage for construction. In particular, we utilize the model to integrate detailed components to validate cost, analyze design decisions, systems integration, and ultimately as a tool to communicate design intent to trade contractors.

Utilizing Technology to Clarify Design Intent

We use BIM for detailing components to communicate the design intent to subcontractors. This not only improves the quality of the install, but it provides better pricing at bid time by removing uncertainties in the design. 

 Coordination of Building System Design

vScenario are experts at managing the BIM coordination process. The team oversees interdisciplinary coordination meetings to detect clashes between systems. This process significantly improves productivity during installation and reduces cost impacts from issues in the field. 

Proving Value in Unique Ways

Members of the vScenario team pioneered utilizing full-scale foam mock-ups to analyze design and finishes. This process saved time and money in the design approval process, but it also allowed the owner to analyze different finishes using modern VR technologies. This process also provided trade contractors with a thorough understanding of design intent, which enabled our team to get accurate pricing models early in the design process.