San Diego Construction Management Services

Vscenario offers complete construction management and project management services in San Diego,Orange County and Southern California.

The vScenario team has a long history working in Southern California and is very familiar with the local design community. If desired by an owner, we can help select the most appropriate design team for your project. We take an active role in the document development and review process to proactively solve potential constructability issues through collaboration with the design team before they become cost and schedule impacts in the field. 

Since we have experienced Superintendent's on staff, we can review drawings from a “boots on the ground” perspective in addition to engaging with our extensive network of industry partners for valued input about the feasibility of methods and systems. While the design is progressing, our professional team provides updated cost models, professional support for building systems selection, scheduling and phasing plans and constructibility reviews. Essentially, our team will help prepare for the contractor selection and construction process.


San Diego Construction Management

Part of our proven success is the “boots on the ground” strategy that is vital to retain a pulse on the

project and bring opportunities to the table before they are costly problems in the field. This methodology of partnering our design and construction managers with seasoned field supervision is a proven strategy that ensures projects meet their time and budget commitments and mitigates construction defects in the field. Our field supervision team will represent the owner in the field, and ensure that the contractor is building the project per plans and specifications. We will also validate contractor progress and verify that the owner is not over billed for work not put in place. Additionally, our team will verify the legitimacy of change orders, and make sure that contractors are not taking advantage of the owner. The vScenario team will ensure that the owner’s best interest are watched throughout the entire process through commissioning and certification

Virtual Design and Construction Capabilities
(Entitlement Process, Marketing, Program, Schematic, Design Development, Construction Documents)

  • Conceptual Visualization
  • Virtual simulations for market due diligence, agency review and public outreach
  • QA/QC reducing construction defects (design, construction & materials)
  •  Interdisciplinary coordination / 3-D Clash Detection and Constructibility Review
  • Document % Complete Reports at each stage of document development
  • Schedule Analysis and Development
  • Reality Capture using laser scanning and aerial drones.

Bid Phase Assistance

  •  BIM project visual and timeline (Project Story)
  •  Contractor outreach and prequalification process
  •  Obtaining and scoping bids

Quality Assurance Management

  • Document reviews and field inspector management
  • BIM and clash detection services
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Change Order review for validity

Cost Management

  • Target Budgeting and market analysis
  • Cost estimates based from the 3D model
  • Escalation tracking and forecasting
  • Material / Labor availability
  • Value Engineering Suggestions
  • Early contractor input
  •  Billed vs. Actual progress review

Construction Phase

  • Change order pricing review and order of magnitude pricing.
  • Oversee the contractor, and verify actual progress and billings
  • Work progress inspection
  • Ground and aerial progress documentation
  • Tenant Coordination

Schedule Management

  •  Phasing
  •  Pull Planning
  •  Actual vs. Scheduled progress review

Document Management

  • Management of documents including meeting minutes, RFI’s, submittals, change orders, issue tracking, invoicing, insurances, and contracts.

Occupancy/Close Out Phase

  • Establish facilities management approach.
  • Develop a training schedule to educate team on new building standards.
  • Oversight of commissioning process