How Can Virtual Twin Technology & Digital Twin Technology help your business

A  virtual or digital twin allows the analysis of data to be applied to the physical world in order to research, create, test, build, reconfigure, or imagine any potential scenario that may occur. It bridges the gap between the physical and digital world by being a virtual replica of a physical thing or place. It can also be used to monitor, diagnose,and optimize any performance. At vScenario, use of virtual twins is an integral part of their business.

vScenario uses digital twin in design, construction, building analysis, and scenario training development of a specific place, location or building.  The aid of a digital twin in structural and civil engineering can identify building shifts overtime.  Digital twins help solve architecture, engineering and construction problems before they happen. 

Utilizing reality capture in a pre-design phase allows for highly specialized engineers to analyst data in real time and act on insight rather than intuition. The end result, a technology based solution that saves project dollars.

vScenario's use of virtual technology in the development of a building design aids their the structural and civil engineering.  Creating a digital twin replica of an area or building before it is built optimizes the operations maintenance and troubleshoots potential problems.

vScenario's Virtual Twin / Digital Twin Technology

Digital twin examples / Virtual Twin Examples

Power Sub Station Digital Twin / Virtual Twin 

Digital Twin Technology - Power Sub Station

United Center Virtual Twin 

Virtual Twin - United Center

History of Virtual Twins around the world

The history of virtual twins  started in the early days of space exploration, NASA used a form of a digital twin in order to operate, maintain, or repair a system that was not within close proximity of all the engineers.  They used a precursor of today’s digital twin back in the early days of exploration was never more necessary during the Apollo 13 mission.  Apollo 13 was meant to land on the moon back in April 1970 but two days into the mission an oxygen tank failed forcing the crew to shut down and conserve its remaining  resources. As they waited for a solution, they circled the moon. Meanwhile, engineers and astronauts back on earth used the first forms of a virtual twin to solve how to bring the crew back home alive with the limited power and water using real time data.  The virtual twin on earth, mirrored that  of the Apollo 13 mission navigating through space.  Using the virtual twin, they were able to determine how the crew could be rescued.The success of bringing the Apollo 13 crew back to earth alive is a testament to how a virtual twin is  a necessary technology tool. Today, NASA continues to use digital twins to develop recommendations and roadmaps. 

The incorporation of data and use of digital twins is essential in many fields today.   In the medical field, surgeons and healthcare professionals can practice procedures on simulated patients or organs before operating on a human patient.

Real Time Data and digital twins

The use of a virtual twin is indispensable when use of real time data is used.  The country of Singapore has created “Virtual Singapore” offering a 3D semantic model with data related to the real world. It displays land, transportation, building attributes, incorporating real time data of crowds, climate, and traffic.  This tool can help improve accessibility to specific areas, simulate emergency situations, and establish evacuation protocols.  They are also using it to design and visualize various options for future roads, bridges, and buildings to see how well it would be integrated into an area allowing for transportation, commercial use and housing.  Singapore's virtual twin gives public and private sectors, researchers, architects, engineers use of the platform. It can only improve the quality of life.

Other benefits of real time data in virtual twins are also used in Formula 1 racing. Use of real-time data can help the driver and cars’ team know what adjustments need to be made to improve performance.  Digital twins use oil fields and refineries, utilities, and manufacturing can only optimize operations and maintenance.

Troubleshooting with digital twin technology

 vScenario excels in their use of virtual twin technology. Their patent pending virtual technology application delivers the platform where the building program functionality and execution plans are tested through virtual scenarios prior to construction.  Digital twins are used to develop the building design, aid in structural and civil engineering and run calculations on civil work. Use of a digital twin

  • Digital twins are revolutionizing the healthcare system.
  • Digital twins have grown to foresee any potential problems in the future with testing, re-configuring, and enhancing a building or landscape.

Digital Twin Software

There are multiple vendors of digital twin software. here are a list of several of the more popular solutions.

  1. Ansys Twin Builder
  2. Autodesk Digital Twin
  3. Bosch IoT Suite
  4. Fluctura Decsition Science
  5. Scaleout Digital Twin

Digital Twin Applications

Digital Twins can be used in a variety of scenarios:

  1. Design
  2. System Integrations
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Prediction
  5. Advanced Services

Virtual Twin / Digital Twin Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object or process that can be used for various purposes, and is a virtual model that reflects physical objects and processes throughout their life cycle. Internet of Things (Internet of Things) devices and provide digital representations for them to operate and live.

There are no generally accepted definitions, but the technology behind digital twins has expanded to a wide range of applications, from data science to data analysis to production. To further develop the concept, we can say that all people and processes can have a digital twin that further expands this concept. Although many definitions of a “digital twin” already exist, a quick look at some of the companies offering Digital Twin technology shows the breadth of opportunities available to professionals in the digital twin space

Why do we need a digital twin?

The digital twin replicates status and behavior by sharing and integrating information about the current state of the product or service, as well as its performance and maintenance. Companies can use digital twins to analyze and monitor data, to prevent problems before they occur, to avoid downtime, and even to simulate future circumstances or events. Digital twins use cases are testing and simulation of product designs that meet the requirements, showing how changes in manufacturing processes can affect costs and schedules, or how service personnel can perform maintenance in the present

How much does a digital twin cost to produce?

The threshold cost of setting up a digital twin is estimated at around $50,000, and the use of digital twins saves companies 20-30% of development costs on average, making it a high-tech system that would conventionally cost twice as much to implement as a traditional production system



What is a digital twin?

A Digital Twin or Virtual Twin ……